Our Culture

Track&Field is a meeting point that connects people, products, and experiences centered around wellness and healthy living. Our efforts are only made possible by our team that is passionate about their work. Today, more than 600 specialists get involved in each stage of the process: from product development to final distribution. We believe a culture that values respect, collaboration, and business ethics, creates the best work environment for each individual employee. We hope to inspire the same love for movement in our clients.

Our Mission

What do we want?
To influence people to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Why do we exist?
To create products and experiences that exceed customer expectations. We aspire to expand our presence within the Brazilian market as efficiently as possible.

Our Values

How do we do it?
With integrity, respect, collaboration, and business ethics: all of these areas coexist with customer success.

 “The company’s culture is built day to day by people. It’s in the way we think, act and interact inside and outside the company. In order to guarantee the fulfillment of our purpose and sustain business growth, we need a consistent team with attitudes based on the values we believe in. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all our employees are aligned and engaged with the Track&Field way of being.”

– Fred Wagner CEO