Shareholding Composition

The chart below indicates the number of shares issued by the Company.


Shareholders ON Shares % PN Shares %
Frederico Wagner 292,417,125 33.33% 4.702.220 6.53%
Ricardo Rosset 292,417,125 33.33% 4.702.220 6.53%
Alberto Dominguez Von Ihering Azevedo 292,417,125 33.33% 4.702.220 6.53%
Treasury Shares 3,012,703 4.18%
Outstanding Shares 54,873,501 76.22%
Total Shares 877,251,375 100.00% 71,992,864 100.00%

We have a differentiated shareholder structure inspired by the “supervoting stock” model, widely used in the U.S. capital market: our Bylaws provide that each share, common or preferred, holds one vote in all deliberations of the general meeting, but our preferred shares an economic right 10 times greater than the economic right of our common shares.

Thus, for purposes of Market Cap calculation, the amount of ON shares shall be divided by 10.