Products (Design & Technology)

The Track&Field brand built its reputation through high quality products with unique fabric technology. In addition, our portfolio aligns with major fashion trends and meets the demands of our consumers. We are, in essence, the best of both worlds for performance&style!

Ultramax ® Strech
Our lightweight fabric is produced with synthetic fiber and elastane. We utilize materials that help sweat pass through the fabric, and provide fast drying action. This allows the body to remain fresh with thermal comfort.

TF Power Cool®
Developed with polyamide and elastane, the name stems from the technology used.The cooling soft fabric, along with micropores, allows for skin heat and humidity to quickly disperse into the external environment.

UThis material blocks ultraviolet sunrays and protects the skin with SPF 50+. Apparel made with UVTECH® technology is mainly for daytime use that requires extra precaution due to prolonged sun exposure.

Coolcotton Pima®
Made with Peruvian pima cotton, this material is considered the world’s best cotton. The fabric is a soft and silky to the touch, and has an even stronger resistance compared to other types of cotton.

This technology helps sweat pass through the fabric to the external environment. It allows for the skin to breathe, while quickly drying the fabric for thermal comfort during physical activities.