Currently, we are a full wellness ecosystem: in addition to offering sportswear products, we are committed to producing online and offline events and experiences to connect people to an active and healthy lifestyle.


A platform integrating our entire ecosystem, TFSports shows steady growth in the number of registered users, and more than 326 thousand people are already connected.

In addition to providing registration for on-site events, paid and free online classes, the application also connects more than a thousand coaches who use the base to sell workouts in 40 different modalities.

Continue em Movimento (Keep Moving)

Launched in March 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, the project was created to enable people to stick to a routine of exercise and well-being despite their isolation. Since then, a schedule of free online classes is offered on a daily basis via TFSports’ app. So far, over 164 thousand people is enrolled.

Track&Field Experience

A series of events promoted in partnership with our franchisee network to provide our customers with face-to-face meetings and classes conducted by coaches specialized in different sports such as running, yoga, functional training, cycling, beach tennis, and others. Over 25 initiatives are carried out, in 20 cities all over Brazil.

Track&Field Run Series

Track&Field Run Series is Latin America’s biggest street race circuit in number of races. For 18 years on the calendar of runners from all over Brazil, it annually gathers more than 100 thousand athletes in the nearly 80 events held throughout the country. Since 2018, Santander holds the naming rights for the circuit.

Track&Field Beach Tennis Open

Track&Field Beach Tennis Open circuit has been running since February 2022 with a total of 15 events, and a special final event with the champions of each edition. With over 8 thousand competitors and 30 thousand spectators, the tournament travels through the main regions of Brazil.