The Track&Field Experience

In 2020, we noticed a larger demand from our clientes for a more active and healthy lifestyle, with a larger practice of physical exercise from classes offered from the Company, in a digitalized format. We migrated events to a digital format and amplified in about 7x the quantity of events promoted during the year. With an average of 95 people per class, we realized over a thousand classes to 103 thousand people, between March 26th and December 31st of 2020.

Track&Field Run Series

Over 80 stages in 30 Brazilian cities in 2019

The Track&Field Run Series is the largest street race circuit in Latin America. In December of 2020 we promoted the first TikTok Santander Track&Field Run Series virtual race, an event where athletes run their preferred tracks while being monitored and ranked by the TFSports app. The race was attended by more than 1,600 people, which is close to a medium-size race in a physical environment. The event was consistently approved by participants, with 90% of the respondents saying they would participate in another virtual event like this.

TFSports App

Engaging franchisees, coaches, and athletes with sports content and interactive experiences.

Our healthy lifestyle focused platform brings together the entire Track&Field universe into one place. The platform gives the user early access to the brand’s event calendar, performance monitoring, and race results. Additionally, content about experiences, new collections, exclusive promotions, and discounts can be found on the platform. In 2020, we had 215 thousand users registered on our app, in order to boost and consolidate the presence of our wellness platform in the lives of our customers.